Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paul F. Tompkins - Sir, You Have Fooled Me Twice

Tompkins is another guy that has been around a bit. The 90s comedy drought separated a lot of the wheat from the chaff. Those that stuck it out have done pretty well for themselves in recent years. Tompkins is from Philly, but was pretty dug in on the Left Coast, where he was part of Mr. Show and also worked with the Tenacious D and Daily Show camps. There have been records and the odd Comedy Central special here and there, but most of the recent Tompkins presence has been in the podcast end of things. There was a record late last year called Freak Wharf that was pretty good. It came out courtesy of your friends at AST Records, as does this EP. If I understand the banter correctly, this may be extra material from the taping that fostered Freak Wharf. It does have the title track, a sort of oldie that comes up after some crowd work. You can get it in a three-fer deal over AST way, along with the Greg Proops EP we dug earlier this month. Check the deal out here. Those that care to can stay tuned in to day-to-day Tompkins goings-on here.


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