Friday, August 20, 2010

Hannibal Buress - My Name Is Hannibal

I've seen a couple of Hannibal Buress spots on the late night TV and enjoyed him a bunch. Originally from Chicago, he has been living in NYC for a bit. He seems to be maximizing his potential around town, hosting a regular Sunday night thing at the Knit in Brooklyn and maybe writing for Jimmy Fallon, on top of maintaining a pretty hectic touring schedule. Can't knock dude's hustle.

My Name Is Hannibal is his first record. Recorded in front of his hometown Chicago audience, it's on Stand Up! Records and covers topics including, but certainly not limited to: L'il Kim, drunk driving, pigeon killing and the benefits of owning prosthetic metal arms. It's educational and hysterical and you would do well to pick it up here. Any guy who has glowing endorsements from Chris Rock, Aziz Anzari and Mike Birbiglia is ok by me.

Keep track of Hannibal's whereabouts here and look out for those Sunday shows at the Knit