Saturday, August 28, 2010

NOFX - The Longest EP

You're either a NOFX fan or you're not. There really isn't a middle ground, either you like their curiously insightful slices of sophmoric punk rock or you slag it as unlistenable juvenilia. I'm often pretty derisive of the Fat Mike schtick, yet I own all their records and was pretty into that tour reality thing they had, so I guess I might be the asshole here.

The Longest EP collects 30-some tracks from the million or so EPs they have dropped over the last couple decades. Nothing groundbreaking here: See Her Pee is still awesome, My Orphan Year still strikingly poignant. It's nice to have this all in one place. I can't see playing this over and over again, but it's a fun listen. Keep the lights on over at NOFX HQ and grab a copy of The Longest EP here.


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