Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience

Mouthbreather are from Richmond, VA, like so many other quality punk franchises these days. Must be something in that river water. I like me some RVA punk, and while I will mention that the guys here used to be in Wow, Owls and The SetUp, I can't say that I've heard either of those bands. Mouthbreather bring the post-Flag ruckus with wiry guitar lines and lots of pounding and/or shouting. They sound like what I always wanted Planes Mistaken For Stars to sound like, with a of Bronx-y psychotic edge to it. There are strains of melody and even a hook or two in the sonic barrage. You can probably expect a gang of drunken beardos crowding the front line of their shows shouting along with the tunes here. 

There are some cool moments on Thank You For Your Patience, especially on the horribly titled When A Chemist Dies, Barium and the raging The Nazarene. They certainly are interesting harbingers of a direction that asks the sonic question: What would happen if Evan Patterson helmed Meneguar? The answer is: You would have the a band that rocks the shit out of you. A happy coincidence, as I very much enjoy having said shit rocked out of me. 

Mouthbreather have postponed their tour that was going to jump off the month, but are evidently touring with local heroes Bridge And Tunnel on their way to Harvest Of Hope. I'm kinda bummed that I'm not going, but hopefully we'll see Mouthbreather in the NYC area in the Spring. Keep tabs on Mouthbreather activities here. In the meantime, pop over to Kiss Of Death and pick up Thank You For Your Patience. I'll be drinking coffee and shouting along with Best Of Seven.


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