Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Marked Men - Ghosts

The Marked Men are from Denton, in the delightful Republic of Texas. They play the garage punk that the kids enjoy very much in this day and age. They are decent, in my mind sort of a garage-ier Figgs if they covered Chixdiggit's Van Horne a bunch of times in a row. Ghosts has grown on me a bunch. I really didn't care for it the first time, but I bet I'd like them a lot more a couple beers in at Dan's Silverleaf. 

Three-quarters of these Marked Men used to be in The Reds, before one of their members left and moved to Japan. They say lightning never strikes twice, but damn if it isn't happening again. The Denton/Japan commute seems like it's going to be cost-prohibitive, so it would appear this may be one of the last chances you're going to get to get some Marked Men in your life. When it hits, like on Ditch or Red Light Rumors, it's a pretty damn good thing. You can definitely see why John Reis released their stuff on Swami. See what you think. You can hear some tracks at their social networking interface here. If you decide you'd like the home version of our game, you can pick Ghosts up here from the kids at Dirtnap.


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