Friday, February 6, 2009

Cappadonna - Slang Prostitution

When Wu-tang blew up in the early 90s and everybody in the Clan got solo shine, an army of weed carriers, hangers-on, and the rare actual MC sprung up in their wake. After getting on with the Wu initially via a cameo on Raekwon's Ice Cream, Cappadonna has wavered in that grey area between official Wu member and affiliate for a solid ten years. He's appeared on a lot of Wu releases and was even, if you believe what read on the Internets, allegedly airbrushed off the cover of Iron Flag

That's kinda fucked up. Cappa Wu has released a few solo records since he's gotten on with varying degrees of success. I dug that Slang Editorial song off the first record, but after that he was mostly on my radar for allegedly having been a cab driver in Baltimore in his lean times.  Maybe he popped up on one of the Ghostface records, too? Either way, Slang Prostitution is a lot better than I would have ever expected a Cappadonna record to be in 2009. He comes hard from the onset with Savage Life, but isn't above dropping nostalgic shit like Do You Remember, either? 

All reminiscence aside, it isn't all reality on Slang Prostitution. For one, I don't think there's anybody with working eyeballs who believes that Cappa owns the jewelry on the cover, but by and large this is pretty solid. The beats are decent and he's got some good guest shots, too. Check for the Jojo Pellegrino and Raekwon cameos. Sadly, it sounds a lot better than the advance stuff I've heard off Cuban Linx 2. Cappadonna is still coming with the real shit in 2k9. I'd say that it's well worth the $12 bucks that Chambermuzik is asking for Slang Prostitution. Pick it up here. Keep track on all things Cappa here.



kats said...

Capadonna's two-minute guest spots on the first Ghost and first Rae are legendary. His first solo effort is great too...after that, it's a bit rough though...

gaohui said...

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