Saturday, October 11, 2008

Young Widows - Old Wounds

So I'm interviewing Young Widows for Skyscraper in a couple days. I knew Breather Resist a bit and was familiar with other Patterson family projects, but never really had any strong feelings for any of them. For the uninitiated, Young Widows is a trio; Breather Resist without singer Steve Sindoni.

I've got a lot of respect for the Kentucky scene, but it's been since Rodan really that I had a band that drew me to Derby City. I'm still waiting for a hard copy of Old Wounds but I took the liberty of appropriating the record electronically in the interim. Listening to the record the first time, I could have sworn I heard applause, but figured that it was just studio banter. I'm wholly in favor, especially if it's real and not some sort of skit. Other tracks had obvious crowd chatter and Patterson addressing an audience, yet OW didn't seem to be a live record. A little digging revealed that Mr. Kurt Ballou recorded four shows and used some of the tracks for the record. It's a great idea if the band has enough control of their sound that they can match the two. I aim to find out if the tracks were overdubbed, but Young Widows don't seem to be the type of band to hide behind studio trickery. At the end of it all, Old Wounds in a great sounding record. It sounds very Shellac-y in the rhythm section and very AmRep in it's clear angular guitar. Patterson is also sounding great vocally. He's been in touring bands since his early teens, but only sang in the last couple of years. Helming Young Widows can't be good for the old pipes, but Patterson seems like he can take the strain. I guess we'll find out, as if there is any justice in the world, Old Wounds will be a big success for Young Widows.

Young Widows hit the road starting the end of the month. They are playing in Brooklyn on the 26th at Club Europa, a venue I believe I kinda hate, but it may just be because I think I saw Matt & Kim there. Judging by the live tracks on Old Wounds, you'd be smart to go see them. You can get the record from Temporary Residence here. Keep checking their site for word on the four split seven-inches they are releasing in the coming months. The first three artists have been confirmed and are Bonnie Prince Billy, Pelican and Melt Banana. Start saving those pennies.


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