Sunday, April 22, 2012

Live: Vagina Panther @ Grand Victory 4.20.12

Aqualamb artists Vagina Panther have dropped a pretty aces new EP called Judge in recent times and followed it up with a surge of live activity. This show was on everyone's favorite stoner holiday at a curiously familiar address that turned out to be the old Bruar Falls. I rolled up to a pretty full room of VP-ophiles, some I recognized from previous shows, but with a pretty fair amount of new faces, as well.

Vagina Panther were up in short order, blazing in charmingly hirsute form through a gang of rockers old and new. Visually, the contrast between the Mountain Man half of the band and the Mod half make watching Vagina Panther live a pretty fun proposition. The new EP seems to be getting a lot of shine, as well. I suspect that it won't be very long before we have to work a lot harder to see Vagina Panther play much bigger rooms.

Keep track of the Vagina Panther ascension and grab a copy of the new Aqualamb release Judge here.


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