Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live: Ceremony with Violent Bullshit @ Mercury Lounge 4.23.12

As I am, as many of you well know, a fucking idiot, I had Aaron grab me a ticket for this show thinking it was the evening of the 14th and the prospect of a late night hardcore show at Mercury seemed too good of a proposition to pass up for that weekend.  When it actually burned through the post-bday fog in my brain that it was actually a Monday night a week show a week or so later that was both 16+ and sporting a 10:30pm door time, I was a little less excited about the proposition, but dutifully posted up too early and caught all of the Violent Bullshit set.

It being late and them not being Ceremony aside, the Brooklyn fivesome that is Violent Bullshit was actually pretty fun, sporting a smart-ass front-guy (and a guy from Les Savy Fav, for what that is worth) that talked a lot of shit and laughed nervously between each song, most of which were cut from competent old-school hardcore cloth. One of their shirts was a rip-off of the Uniform Choice Straight And Alert t-shirt, if that gives you any indication of what VB are working with. Decent enough, and with enough local buzz to be getting a ton of quality opening slots, I trust I'll be seeing a lot of them at Brooklyn shows this Summer.

This was a headlining set from Ceremony, after their opening slot for The Refused show at Terminal 5. Didn't draw especially well, but did come courtesy of the estimable Ian Dickson and Hardcore Gig Volume, featuring their new lineup that appears to feature Philly scene staple, all-around decent guy Andy Nelson as a recording member. He was certainly holding down the bass slot this evening, adding to the odd Ceremony stage presence that begs the question if any of the members intended to join the same kind of band. Or perhaps if they all were on the same page as to where it is ending up. Our friend in the guitar slot brings an interesting Prince meets Hanoi Rocks vibe to the proceedings, and Ross continues to resemble the illegitimate son of Professor X, but the music is still 21st Century compliant hardcore punk rock that if not all that dissimilar from their new Matador labelmates in Fucked Up! Again, a not especially packed room, but one definitely filled with a gang of kids under legal drinking age that enjoyed frolicking in/around/on and off the Mercury stage for the duration. Not a real long set, and one that seemed to be taking its toll on Ross and his vocal cords, but all in all a pretty fun time. I wouldn't have been pleased if I had ridden out to Brooklyn to see this, but was a good time for a neighborhood show. Ceremony have been playing a fuckload of shows in town of late, and appear to be playing some more in town once they get back from some Australian dates. Keep track of all things Ceremony at their web presence here.


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