Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Live: Jeff Klein @ Mercury Lounge 4.16.12

Hey, Jeff Klein's back!

The erstwhile Gutter Twin has been off the road and back in Austin playing with My Jerusalem for a bit now. I'm pretty sure they have a band record coming out, but for whatever reason, Jeff was in town playing an increasingly rare solo show at Mercury. Even better, it was at a cranky old guy time of 7pm.

Klein was among the first of the new school of solo guys to play with loopers to fill in the spaces that expensive paid band members would normally occupy. This set had him doing a fair amount of tap dancing on his Line 6 pedalboard and featured a pretty good amount of tasty selection from his three solo records, peppered with some new numbers. He's one talented motherfucker. Switching between distorted and clean vocals for a Waitsian vibe and dodging irritating in-commentary from women who wanted to fuck him, it was a pretty good set from our Young Mr. Klein. I have a decent, albeit mildly distorted, recording of this set available, should anyone be of a mind to bask in my personal nostalgia. Mail me for a link. Else, keep track of Jeff here and check here for news of new New Jerusalem.


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