Monday, April 30, 2012

Human Highlight Reel - Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to

JS-NYC has been spinning a lot of the Aqualamb roster around the HQ of late and Human Highlight Reel have been topping the playlists with their aces instrumental post rock. Think Russian Circles or perhaps a more metal Seam purveying the rock via the conventional rock line-up of two guitars/bass/drums, but without the burden of vocals cluttering up the proceedings.

Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to is four songs, comprising what I believe is their debutante release. I'll earmark Inaswinger! as the top track, but all four get high marks for their adherence to dynamics and obvious arrangement sense. There is an exceedingly visual aspect to the HHR tracks that definitely seems to beg for soundtrack placement. In the interim, in keeping with Aqualamb aesthetic, Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to is available in a snazzy art book of sorts as pictured to the upper left. Whether you opt for tangibility or just digital satisfaction, the post rock stylings of Human Highlight Reel live up to the Atlantic Hawk that is their namesake. Here's hoping they have the same career run.

Get Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to at the Human Highlight Reel bandcamp here and use this link to keep track of their live goings on (like the upcoming 6.1 show at The Gutter JS-NYC intends to be all up in) at their web presence.


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