Monday, April 16, 2012

Descender - And So We Marched

Imagine a tasty cold brewed beverage in a sweaty glass bottle.

Isn't that refreshing?

Now imagine if someone took that bottle and smacked you in the mouth with it. That feels like And So We Marched sounds. Shouting and pummeling their way through four tasty tracks, Descender sound a lot like a 21st Century compliant post-hardcore band that was raised on metal and got dosed with a tab of AmRep before it showed up at the Aqualamb Christmas party.

And So We Marched is pretty crushing. I'm not especially crazy about the vocals, but the songs more than hold their own and the bellowing seems sincere in an adult, rather than latch-key stepkid with a PRS and daddy issues, sort of way. I bet there are a high percentage of sleeve tattoos in Descender, but they got them over decades, not months. I'd pick it up. If you like Planes Mistaken For Stars or Git Some as much as you do Quicksand, And So We Marched could be your aural trip to a brand new set of front teeth.


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