Sunday, July 25, 2010

Austin Lucas - Collection

You can't swing a dead cat around JS-NYC without running into an accolade for Austin Lucas. Since the good folk of Southern Lovin' dropped Somebody Loves You in the lap of JS-NYC, the proud son of Bloomington, IN has received the volume of spins commensurate with a man who has perhaps the best tenor in contemporary country music. While that may be a little much, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone this side of Ricky Skaggs who brings more to the table in the Top 40 country era. I'm sure there is probably a bluegrasser out there who might top AL, but know that competition is slim.

Collection compiles the import At War With Freak Folk 10" with a handful of split and comp tracks. At War is demo versions of material that would eventually be released on Somebody Loves You. Not radically different from the later versions, but well worth the listen. The comp stuff is from the Takers and Tim Barry splits, along with the Dolly Parton cover and an unreleased track. And it's like $9, so why not high thee thither with the quickness and put an end to the hyperbole. Here's a a link.


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