Monday, July 5, 2010

Live: The Supertones at Otto's Shrunken Head 7.3.10

I've known Tim of the Supertones for a couple years now. I met him through the OnPoint crew and he's always been a solid dude who was fun to talk NYC music with. I had never seen The Supertones play, but luckily the planets aligned and they were playing up the street at Otto's over the sweltering, but gloriously empty NYC over the 4th Of July weekend.

At this point, I sadly should point out that this isn't the crappy Christian ska franchise, although the surf sensibilities of all the players do speak to the Left Coast lifestyle. The room was pretty much full and the Supertones were pretty damn hot. I hadn't seen Simon play since some Bar Sinister shows a million years ago, and it was pretty funny to see him on 12 string bass. He's got this ham-handed thumper way outclassed, so I can't hate but I can't say I would have ever seen that pairing. Then again, I never thought I'd see him playing with Jon Spencer either, so what do I know. Not sure when the next live show is, but know that they are a great time live and grab their cd here.