Saturday, July 18, 2009

Live: Superchunk with Versus @ South Street Seaport 7.17.9

So finally the Chunk return to NYC. It's the 20th Anniversary of Merge and in a couple weeks the triangle will host a week's worth of shows commemorating that anniversary. It's a great idea and an auspicious event, but as a guy who could give a shit about The Arcade Fire, Spoon and the great majority of their recent signings that aren't the Clubs of the Teenage Fan or American Music varieties, having to buy tickets for all five nights and still not knowing when you're going to see the damn Chunk seems a little much to ask in this economy. It's not like Breadwinner or Honor Role are getting back together or anything. There better be one hell of a DVD commemoration of the affair, I'll tell you.

That bile duly purged, the Chunk's arrival was sweetened by visting dignitaries from Upstate as well as the hardest show-going twins in NYC, the Brothers Johnson. I started the day fairly under the weather, but that was cast aside, or perhaps drowned, by vast numbers of pitchers with said crew previous to the show.

The team arrived at the Seaport towards the end of the Versus set, roped in Keri and Jim and posted up stage left for the proceedings. Versus sounded decent and looked old. They seemed to still have some fans in town, but if I had my druthers, I'd like to see James still in Whysall Lane rather than Versus or even +/-, but that's just this asshole talking. They wrapped up around 8 and the Chunk showed up in short order (as did more beers). Kind of a short set, just shy of an hour, but we didn't get any rain and it was better than any band here in town that doesn't rhyme with The Mold Bready. Here's the set list, as stolen from the interwebs.

Throwing Things
The Majestic
Cast Iron
Detroit Has a Skyline
Seed Toss
Water Wings
Learned to Surf
Low Branches (!)
Crossed Wires
On the Mouth (!!)
Driveway to Driveway
The First Part

Encore: Slack MF

It's should be noted that while the photo above was stolen from Brooklyn Vegan, my heart was stolen once again by the lovely Laura Ballance. Yowza! My rock MILF obsessions aside, rockwise it was nice to get the rock version of Detroit Has A Skyline, as the acoustic version tends to evoke the same response Citrus does for the Bros. Johnson. Low Branches was a surprise entry in the set and Learn To Surf continues to be a pleasant harbinger of the new record that the kids were overdubbing on last week. All in all, a great time and you couldn't beat the price. Keep tabs on when the new record is dropping here and know that there's a new 7" out you should be buying as well.



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