Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lifter Puller vs. the end of

Almost exactly coincident with my having spent an arm and a leg on buying the aggressively out of print Lifter Puller back catalog, Jessica Hopper mentioned on her blog that she was involved in compiling a book on Lifter Puller that would include all their records, some nostalgia and some bonus/unreleased tracks. Color me priapic and cue a frantic Ebay resell.

Now, only four or five months past the time that the compendium was supposed to drop, Treehouse Records in sunny Minneapolis has finally released Lifter Puller vs. the end of. It's a small softcover with photos, compiled lyrics and a download card that has the new odds and sods compilation (review soon and seperate) along with the full-lengths and an EP. Lifter Puller are the best, so unsurprisingly it is exceedingly awesome, and for $25, you really can't go wrong.
Pick it up here from The Hold Steady store or straight from Treehouse in MN via this link. Act quick regardless, as there are allegedly only 1000 printed and they will definitely sell out in short order.


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