Monday, July 13, 2009

South Street Seaport Show Synopsis!

Summer show mini review:

So T Diddy and I took a little bike ride on Friday. On the way back we rode through the Seaport and caught the tail-end of the Ribbons/The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart show.

While Ribbons are awesome, I missed their set. They have some roadwork coming up and a Daytrotter session on the docket soon. You would do well to check them out. Here's their web presence. They have a record called Surprise Attacks you can grab here.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are the new darlings here in town, virtually guaranteeing that we will hear nothing of them six months from now. Fine by me, as they are BO-ring. Yikes! If you grew up on John Hughes films and still maintain crushes on Molly Ringwald and/or whoever played that Duckie guy, maybe you'll be into this. Not this guy. The sequencing doesn't help either. There were a couple times where they seemed all too anxious to rock, but were hobbled at every turn by the restrictive tempos. Lose the machines and just rock kids. Here's hoping the TPOBPAH kids are in town for the Superchunk show on Friday so they can get a primer on how the bands with legs do it. I'll be there hating Crazy Tony. Look for me and the crew.


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