Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Gateway District - Some Days You Get The Thunder

For the uninititated, The Gateway District is a new(ish) band from the Midwestern musical mecca that is Minneapolis. There's a heavy Twin Cities ex-member presence, what with the males in the band being from the dear departed Rivethead and the females coming from The Salteens. In their early trio days a couple years ago, they dropped a 7" that I haven't heard, played a show, then promptly scattered to the four corners. They got back together recently and added a member. The new record Some Days You Get The Thunder is their first as a four-piece and it kicks a whole lot of ass.

Gateway were one of the better sets at Insubordination Fest this year, although when I told Maren that, it was pretty obvious she didn't feel the same way. With Banner Pilot and Dear Landlord both pushing new records, I don't see a lot of touring behind this, so you would do well to grab a hard copy of this. The full-length is on It's Alive for $8. If you like the Twin Cities punk rock, there is really no way that you couldn't not like Some Days You Get The Thunder, unless you're one of those types that don't like females singing in your punk bands. Get over it, as The Gateway District has all the best parts of their previous outfits, along with healthy doses of The Fastbacks and The Gits. Get The Thunder here and keep track of Gateway goings-on here.

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