Friday, July 31, 2009

Drakkar Sauna shows

Like adopting a child or rescuing a pet, owning and maintaining facial hair, while an inherently noble act, is not without great responsibility. A dear friend and beard aficionado currently tenuring in Indiana suggested that JS-NYC check out Drakkar Sauna. They are at Union Pool and Cake Shop in the next couple days and Rut's taste is normally well above par. Watt and The Mekons are in town, so I don't believe I'll be able to make the shows, but you all should. The music sounds decent, but in looking at the picture to the left that I so thoughfully stole from their MySpace, I think I see why Rut feels such a kinship for the gents.

There is no obligation to sport extravagant facial topiary, but I would venture it will not be discouraged. Here's a link to the Drakkar Sauna web presence. They are at Cake Shop tonight and Union Pool on Saturday night. Tell em' JS-NYC sent you.


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Rut-a-tat-tat said...

you missed out on this one, rob. you gotta see these guys to get it. the recorded thing just doesn't shine like the live show. catch 'em next time...