Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maria Bamford - Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome

Maria Bamford came on most of our radars through her spot on the Comedians Of Comedy tour with the unholy trinity of comedy that is Mssrs. Oswalt, Posehn and Galifianakis. She held her own nicely. She may very well be the only comedian, female or male, from whom I will tolerate the regular use of the 'funny voice'. She appears as batshit crazy as Galifianakis, but without the benefit of a beard to use as a jumping off point. I guess it's her apparent normalcy that makes her that much more compelling. You can't go wrong with cute pugs on the cover, either, at least from where I'm sitting. She covers her usual topics: religion, family, workplace stuff. It's all pretty funny, and if it's doesn't actually rock your world outright, it's over in under an hour. I'd check it out. You can buy the record here. Bamford does a fair amount of road work, see if she'll be somewhere near you here.


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