Monday, February 13, 2012

Office Of Future Plans

Office Of Future Plans is the new project from the estimable J. Robbins. Word had been that Robbins was out of the touring rock band game, shelving the Channels project to focus on his Magpie Cage Studio and tending to his family but the interwebs came alive last year with word his linking with Vic Bondi (ex-Articles Of Faith) in Report Suspicious Activity. Soon after Robbins announced that he and Channels/RSA drummer Darren Zentek had started Office Of Future Plans with cellist/guitarist Gordon Withers and bassist Brooks Harlan. A 7" followed and now their self-titled debut has dropped, courtesy of the good folk of Dischord records. Without oversimplifying the whole thing, the record sounds like a J. Robbins rock band with cello sometimes. It's good and I'd very much like to see them live, but I continue to wrestle with my inability to fall for recent Robbins projects like I did the mighty Jawbox. Get the record here from Dischord and keep track of all things Office Of Future Plans via this handy link.


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