Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Neighbors - Dishwasher EP

Of the shows that I've missed in recent history, The Fucking Cops reunion(?) December set opening for the Latterman reunion show at Maxwells tops the list. I love the two The Fucking Cops EPs dearly and not ever having seen them live continues to weigh heavily on my old non-life. Recent transmissions on the interwebs have given me the small chance of a respite, as apparently TFC singer/guitarist Jon Rybicki has formed a new project called Old Neighbors with Jon from North Lincoln plus two other dudes from Cain Marko and Traffic & Weather. They recorded an EP called Dishwasher late last year and I am pleased to report that I am totally obsessed with the six songs that comprise it, most specifically the lead-off Eight Point Five. Man oh man, is that a good tune. The other five aren't much farther behind on the awesome-ometer. Step lively immediately to your friends at If You Make It and pay what you will to get this. Here's a link.


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