Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Axe

In this post-Wu epoch, rappers have to make the most of their situation. Unless you are Jay-Z, it's pretty tough to be a solo artist and keep the lights on, so diversifying is the way of the walk. As such, Random Axe is a new project featuring Mr. Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. Black Milk handles the Pro-Tools duties.

Evidently the impetus for this was Sean P guesting on a track Milk produced from Guilty's last record that was pretty bananas and the crew decided to make a record. Of course that was like three years ago now, but it's no less of a good idea in 2011, and definitely another reason why Duck Down might be the best hip-hop label out there today.

Random Axe doesn't sport too much in the way of guest spots, save for Roc Marciano on the first single Chewbacca and Trick Trick and Rock from Heltah Skeltah on another track. A couple other newcomers get some shine as well, but it's mostly the three RA proprietors steady wrecking mics for the duration. Probably not the best choice for the backpacker set, but then again do we really need to humor the likes of MC Jansport and his ilk? I'd say no.

Get Random Axe here from Duck Down.


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