Friday, July 1, 2011

Live: Centro-matic with Sarah Jaffe @ Mercury Lounge 6.30.11

It had been a hell of a week, and one of the easiest panaceas for such things is a Centro-matic show at Mercury. The Mercury Lounge is my favorite place in town (maybe on Earth) to see a show, and while I don't get there nearly as much as I used to, it's always a pleasure to see those kids. I rolled in just as Sarah Jaffe was finishing leveling a packed room. I hadn't heard of her previously, but she sure can sing. Evidently she's from Denton as well. I grabbed the record, so look for more on her soon.

Denton's scruffiest took the stage with little circumstance, launching into over an hour of old and new tracks, including an extemporaneous new Danborn number worked up while the left side of the stage waited for power to return so they could play Blisters May Come. We also learned that cleaning up toxic waste on Long Island is not a great job, even if you do get songs out of it. Consider yourself informed. Centro-matic are a force live, and this evening was no exception. Drummer Matt Pence is terrifying behind the kit, making it look easy as he beat the piss out of his kit like it owed him cash. Danborn and Johnson sing like angels and Mark is one hell of an all-around player, even if he left his X-Series at home. There was a fair amount of ex-pat Denton in the room that upped the ante to boot. The new record Candidate Waltz dropped 6/22, courtesy of the good folk of Thirty Tigers. Look for a review in a bit, but don't postpone joy: see Centro-matic when/whereever you can. Here's a link that will let you do both.


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