Sunday, July 31, 2011

Live: Christie Front Drive @ Bell House 7.30.11

Boy, reunion city has a whole bunch of new residents, lately. In yet another of a series of events seemingly calculated only to remind me of my rapidly advancing age, Christie Front Drive have reunited for two shows (one Brooklyn, one in their home town of Denver), fifteen years after their last live performance as a band. Yes, there was a one-off in Denver a couple of years ago, but let's move forward.

So I got an email about this once it firmed up and bought a ticket with the rapidity you might expect for a nerd such as myself. I figured there was a pretty good chance that I missed CFD play previously, but it seemed prudent to rectify the situation this time around. I had seen all the post-CFD Richter projects and interviewed him a couple times in The 101 era. As I understand, Golden City is defunct and Richter is projectless currently.

Rolled up to Bell House just as the opener I had fully intended to miss finished and ran into Jason and his band (and Band) of AZ ex-pats. Shot the shit for a bit about current Seven Storey/Jimmy Eat World goings-on and staked out some recording real estate as the gents started their intro music. The team sounded pretty decent for having been fallow for the better part of a decade and a half. People are heavier, but seemingly in good health, although one never really though of this crew as being the biggest crew of party animals. I didn't figure on so comprehensive of a set, but they opened with Seven Day Candle and closed with an impromptu version of Dirt about an hour and fifteen minutes later. The set wasn't without it's rough spots, but was pretty aces for the most part.

I got a pretty good recording of the whole thing that I'll pass around, barring the CFD crew nixing the idea. Email me for a link. The last 10 seconds of Dirt are cut off, but the rest is definitely excellent.


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