Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dan Padilla - A Collection, Not Perfection

Oh, Dan Padilla! What is the deal? Much like the Chang to your Ing we call Tiltwheel, you never venture up to the North, even when you come to the Fest. I'm told that its pure time and money economics, but come on guys, you can't drop a new Tiltwheel record and two fucking Dan Padilla records and not come out to our fair Gotham.

A Collection, Not Perfection collects most of the hard-to-find outside of San Diego early Dan Padilla singles and comp tracks along with a couple other chestnuts and a new track. Most, if not all, of this stuff is out of print, so wise aficionados would be well advised to pick this up with the quickness. It's also been remastered, for what that's worth. For the uninitiated, DP is the current incarnation of the mighty San Diego stalwarts Tiltwheel with J rather than Davey singing and Matt from Madison Bloodbath playing second guitar. Doney still holds down the drum stool. Musically, the apples don't fall very far from the burrito tree: it's still gritty canned-beer singalong punk rock regardless of the era it dropped in initially and you should still turn it up very loud at every opportunity and sing along. I'm pretty sure A Collection, Not Perfection is only available on 12" from Little Deputy, but savvy internet prospecting should probably turn this up digitally in short order.


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