Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkish Techno - demos 7"

I first heard about Turkish Techno a couple years ago from the Off With Their Heads franchise. I heard a couple tracks and enjoyed the split with the Brokedowns, but it seemed like something more expansive was in order. These dual 7" delights are actually four demos recorded a couple years ago. They were supposed to be an EP, but now will appear (along with some other new jams) on a full-length sometime early next year. Four tracks, equal parts Tiltwheel and Screeching Weasel, with maybe some Off With Their Heads for good measure. If you liked the aforementioned trio, you'll be all over this. It evidently takes three labels to release Turkish Techno product, so both these 7"s and the full-length are courtesy of Muy Autentico, Dirt Cult and/or Wolfdog Records. Pick your poison. Looks like the gents are going to be pretty much homebound for the next couple, but keep track of these Riverside ruffians here and stay tuned for news on the full-length.


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