Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big L - 139 & Lenox

2010 marks the beginning of what may very well be the decade of Big L. The documentary is allegedly going to drop next year and after years of wading through red tape, L's brother is due to release the long-rumored posthumous comp of Big L material called Return Of The Devil's Son in the next couple weeks. Like many people, I was under the impression that this was that record, but evidently this is a unsanctioned release, even though it allegedly carries the Flamboyant banner. In this digital age, I'm unsure how much truly unreleased L material is out there, but it's always a pleasure to hear L back on the scene. Most of the stuff on 139 & Lenox is in that grey area of what constitutes unreleased material, as I've heard 90% of these rhymes on other tracks, but perhaps not with the Buckwild or Hi-tek trappings. Regardless, please believe that Corleone brings it, whether it be on a dirty freestyle loop or glossy shiny suit beat. The freestyle stuff is bananas, and the collabo stuff with McGruff and Roc Raida is pretty aces too. Even the somewhat unnecessary Ebonics remix with unknown T-Rex isn't a guaranteed skip. If you're the type of person who is going to buy a record, I guess I defer towards Return Of The Devil's Son, as the money's going to the proper parties, but if you just want to bump some Big L, this is readily available on the net while you wait.


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