Saturday, October 25, 2008

Live: Two Cow Garage @ DC's 10.24.8

It used to be a lot easier to get out to Hoboken. The last time I rode out there was for the acoustic Ergs/Drag The River show at Maxwell's. It was a Saturday night and I had to wait for five trains to pass before I was able to get my bike on. This time I arrived at Christopher St. to find that there was no working machines, so I could either jump the turnstile (with a bike) and be the most conspicuous arrest of the early evening commuter set, or ride to Sixth Ave and get on there. Luckily, that passed without incident and I touched ground in Hoboken in fifteen short minutes.

DC's is out on 8th Street in Hoboken, out by Water Music. To say that it's small is a gross understatement. It makes Lakeside look expansive. I saw Micah and the new keyboard guy out front and walked through the front door seemingly on to the stage, before I realized that the band was crammed in behind the pool table and bathrooms, leaving about ten square feet for the Two Cow fans and bar-goers. It made it that much easier to find the Brothers Johnson for night two of our rock tour. We had some drinks while the gents set up and wondered openly if they had ever hosted a band there before, a fact corroborated by many a local who walked in to no small amount of confusion and left soon afterward.

The gents had to be over by 11pm, so they stepped lively and got underway by 9:30. They cranked out a good amount of the new record Speaking In Cursive, with a couple dips toward older tracks. We also managed to convince them to play Can't Hardly Wait and Born To Run for good measure. The whole thing served to assert two things: one being that Two Cow Garage are a hell of a lot of fun to see live and two, whoever the guy named Joe who convinced the band to play DCs for his birthday was, he's a hell of a lucky guy. Buy a copy of the new record here and convince them that they need to play a New York show soon. Shane was saying that they had fully intended to this time around, but they got screwed by all the CMJ shows. It's a bummer, as this is one of the best shows I've seen all year. Keep up with what the boys are doing here. Here's hoping we get them on our side of the water soon.


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