Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If You Make It demos, part two: The Brass

The Brass are from Brooklyn. There's quite a little scene jumping off out there around between the various house and basement shows, Don Pedro's and the like. With the Astoria and Jersey pop-punk scenes imploding, it seems like a lot of bands are taking a different tact on the 90's Midwestern sound that's become so trendy as of late. While the pop-punkers opted for Screeching Weasel, bands like Meneguar, Get Bent and The Brass are taking more of a Boys Life or Braid tack. Works for me.

There are four songs in the demo, ranging from 'promising but falling a little bit short' to 'these guys could be a problem'. You can get the demo from the good folk of If You Make It here. Make a donation, cheap-ass. For the statisticians in our midst, you've got ex/current members of Latterman, Potboiler, On The Might Of Princes and Air Raid Barcelona in the band. The Brass are at Lost And Found in Brooklyn on 10/23 and seem well worth checking out. They also like taking shots at Rick Healey. Check out the web presence here.

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