Monday, August 25, 2008

Vilent Lovers Club: Live @ PassOut Records 8.23.8

Eric had mentioned the rock band he plays guitar for was playing an afternoon show at PassOut. It seemed like a decent enough way to spend an afternoon, plus the charming Mrs. Eric was rumored to be in attendance, so I made another trip across the water to see Vilent Lovers Club play some garage rock and maybe have a beer or three.

Vilent Lovers Club has Odie from The Baseball Furies on acoustic and vocals with a rhythm section I'm not familiar with. Eric plays electric and the band brings a sort of Brooklyn Reigning Sound vibe, without so much of an emphasis on the soul and Memphis end of things.

PassOut seems to be quite the bastion of the underground rock scene in Brooklyn. There are rumored to be three rehearsal rooms below the record store as well as regular recording projects. It attracts a motley crew of Brooklyn locals and old-school Coney Island High/Continental transplants. Evidently there have been regular afternoon shows on the weekends that draw pretty well. Given the older crowd, it's a wonder that they don't know how to drink clandestinely. That's proving to be more and more of an issue and threatens to be a big problem for all parties involved.

Rock being rock, the planned seven o'clock start time was moved to 6:30, then ended up being closer to 8:15 after various bands hijacked slots and whatnot. After a little bit of tuning, VLC proceeded to rip up the place with a short set that got a lot of attention from aging rockers and record collectors alike. There are recordings on the MySpace and they have a full length out on Big-Neck that should pop up on JS in the coming weeks. Check the links below.

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