Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Bent - demo

One of the biggest disappointments of last year (and believe me, there were a shit-ton) was the break-up of Potboiler mere months after their relocating down to NYC. I got the heads up from Dave Bierling a couple months ago that there was a new band with some of the ex-Potboiler and Down In The Dumps dudes called Get Bent. Dave and the rest of the Potboiler dudes fostered a little bit of a renaissance in JS-NYC headquarters when it came to the local DIY scene, so while I was well gutted at the Potboiler dissolution, I could take (very) small consolation in the fact that there were a bunch of new bands on my radar, even if Dave wasn't in them. The Izzy Alcantara Potboiler record was top-notch and I really enjoyed the brown bag Down In The Dumps CD-R, so all in all I was pretty intrigued as to how the new band would sound. It arrived in the post about a day later and wonderfully enough, it kicks a whole lot of ass.

I was neck-deep in the mid 90s Midwest rock scene. My old band Musclecar played a fair amount of shows with a lot of those bands and I have made a killing recently divesting myself of hundreds of releases from Giants Chair, Boys Life and bands of that ilk. Even with my vow to pare down to a single wall of records, there are certain bands like Braid and Kill Creek whose catalog I'm holding on to. Get Bent are cut from the same mid-western cloth as Bob Nanna and the boys, with clean interweaving guitars and strident vocals that are dead ringers for the best of that era. Now that the whole 'hot topic emo' thing has almost kinda sorta gone by the wayside (or more accurately - South to Mexico), it's nice to hear a band bring back the sound without the pretense. There are only five songs, but there's really no way that you won't play this four or five times back to back the first, if not every, time you throw this bad boy on. It really is that good. I really need to get off my lazy ass and see one of their shows.

You can buy their stuff from them here using PayPal. I believe they'll be at The Fest this year so buy some stuff and give the guys some gas money already.


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