Friday, March 18, 2011

Mansions - Dig Up The Dead

Mansions is the name Christopher Browder records his bedroom anthems under. He got a pretty big buzz from his releases on Doghouse (although precious little in the way of royalities, I suspect), most notably New Best Friends, but there are a slew of EPs and single stuff out there, a lot of which were compiled in last year's b-sides comp.

There's something fishy about the lack of bio stuff about Browder and Mansions that smacks of major label backed faux indie-dom, but that notwithstanding, his new Dig Up The Dead has got a ton of really great songs on it. The one sheet behind this makes much of this being recorded in houses and apartments, which given digital technology and home studios that are truly homes and studios could be a possibility, but seems a little suspect when you hear big radio friendly tracks like City Don't Care jump off the speakers. Lots of good tracks here, City Don't Care and Call Me When Its Over being two of the standouts in a really strong showing from Browder, aka Mansions. Not sure what the deal is with the pseudonym thing, but whatever you want to call it, Dig Up The Dead is worth checking out. Fans of early Death Cab would do well to check this out. Get it here.


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