Friday, February 12, 2010

Kathy Griffin - Suckin' It for the Holidays

Ok, let me say from the onset that while I can say that I have probably seen all her Bravo comedy specials, I'm not so much of a mark that I've ever seen the reality program that is all the rage. Granted the cds and specials all pretty much concern the program, but I'll salvage whatever hetero cred I can.

She's pretty candid in her desire to be part of Hollywood's A-List despite it being shallow and fake, not to mention mercurial. I can respect that, and most importantly we seem to hate the same people, allowing me to look past the horrible cover of the cd and seek it out anyway. It helps that she only releases cds because she wants to have a Grammy. As she lost out last year, she decided to target the holiday cd market and win that way. I'm not sure if she won, but she got the nomination again this yearand you gotta love the tenacity. Most of the stuff on Suckin' It For The Holidays covers stuff I could really care about (The Real Housewives Series, The Hills, Katie Couric) but the story about T.I. talking on speakerphone with Justin Timberlake is fucking classic. As a whole, it's not for the average (read: heterosexual male) comedy fan, but its definitely worth checking out.


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