Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cerebral Ballzy - s/t

Cerebral Ballzy came on my radar when they played a bunch of the NYC Trash Talk shows. Evidently the gents have been around since 2008, but sadly have flown under my radar. I'm sure if I checked they have played a million times at ABC and I've missed them. Having listened to their self-titled full-length, I'm not going to let that happen again. Cerebral Ballzy keeps to a strict diet of thrash, beer and skateboarding, thrashing past the two minute mark only once over the course of the recording. The rest of the time is some aces post-Flag punk rock to rip your face off with. Insufficient Fare and Drug Myself Dumb are tracks for the ages that should get young and old flailing about with wild abandon. Lots of crashing high hats and careening double time changes for your earhole. You know you want this, get Cerebral Ballzy here, curiously enough from your friends at Adult Swim.


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