Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mono with The Twilight Sad @ Bowery Ballroom 5.30.10

This show had just about dropped off my radar, but luckily it came up at rehearsal and I managed to snag a ticket. Long time sufferers of JS-NYC may remember my fondness for the discordant stylings of Aereogramme and Glasvegas (and Teenage Fanclub, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a gang of others). Combining that mood in The Twilight Sad with the soaring instrumental stylings of Mono is a fine way to spend a holiday Sunday night from where I'm sitting.

I wasn't mistaked. I got to the show in the middle of the the opening Twilight Sad number and was pretty pleased with their offering. Their quiet-loud thing gets a little transparent after a couple doses in a row, but it's a beautiful noise to behold. In other notes, there is an interesting tendency in the TS franchise to start acquiring the same haircut a couple of weeks into the tour. The prison cuts that they highlighted on their last visit, combined with their collective ghostly pallor smacked of alcoholic inspiration but I'm not sure what accounts for 3/4 of the band sporting the same Jonny Greenwood haircut. Maybe they got a deal, either way a great band that deserves much success.

Mono were up next. I found Brandon and Theresa stage right and got ready for the onslaught. These Mono shows were behind a new CD/DVD set from last year's shows with The Wordless Music Orchestra called Holy Ground: NYC Live, although they featured only conventional four piece lineup. Rather than dance too much about architecture here, suffice to say that Mono live is a pretty epic proposition. I'm pretty sure this is the set list

Ashes in the Snow / Burial at Sea / The Kidnapper Bell / Pure as Snow / Sabbath / Yearning / Follow the Map / Halcyon (Beautiful Days) / Everlasting Light

I've been slacking in getting this posted, so by this point anybody in the US has missed out on these shows. Forgive me, but that really is your loss, kids. Apologize to those that are geographically challenged. Keep track of future Mono dates here and Twilight Sad goings-on here. In the interim, consider buying the new Mono record here. Those that prefer their songs with vocals might also be interested in the new Twilight Sad single that you can get here. You're welcome.


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