Friday, June 25, 2010

Live: Off With Their Heads with Dear Landlord @ Knitting Factory 6.23.10

There was a time a couple three years ago when the prospect of an Off With Their Heads show was something that would make my month. Eight or ten shows in, their relentless touring schedule got me a little oversaturated and I found myself leaving before they played a couple times, owing to more desire to see their openers. Even the prospect of Dear Landlord as an opener had me one the fence unless there were going to be friends in tow. Then I got the surprisingly good new Epitaph record and figured I'd give the show a shot.

I rolled in as Dear Landlord was setting up. They were up in short order, opening with Motorcycle Helmet and prompting a small forest of fingerpointing. Any bastard union of Rivethead and The Copyrights is bound to be a good thing. I've been to a lot of Dear Landlord shows in the last couple years and they are rarely less than a good time. This night was no exception, everybody sounded great and the almost respectable crowd seemed to really enjoy them. Me, too.

So Off With Their Heads were up next. I tried to situate myself on Ryan's side failing to take into account that Ryan isn't playing guitar. I'm pretty sure recreational substances haven't precluded my realizing this beforehand, so I'd say this is a fairly new eventuality that has happened full-time in the wake of their signing to Epitaph. Ryan was in good spirits, joking off-mike with the crowd up front and openly soliciting coke for most of their maybe 35 minutes of set. The band was tight. Mostly new stuff, with a couple dips into earlier stuff but over in short order. Works for me. If history is any indication, OWTH will be playing three or four hundred shows behind In Desolation. You owe it to yourself to see them at least once. The band is tight as hell and Ryan's mercurial ways keep it interesting even if the set stays a little static. Keep tabs on the entertainment possibilities here.


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