Friday, June 11, 2010

Live: This Will Destroy You @ Mercury Lounge 6.9.10 early

The Summer tour season always bodes well for those that live in Gotham City, as pretty much everyone comes through in some shape or form. This show came initially in conflict with the Austin Lucas dates in town, but the Fates made this a rare early show, and at Mercury Lounge to boot, so I posted up with Evan and Aaron.

I like TWDY ok. I had seen them at the old Knit last year and thought they were decent, but all too obviously playing a lane already covered more than adequately (and in not too terribly exciting fashion, frankly) by Explosions In The Sky. The fact that they are both from the same area does little to dispel this notion and begs the question why they haven't tried to put a different spin on things. Frankly, that is the first of many questions I have about the team, among them: Why does the other guitar dude always sit? and Is it really imperative that the drummer play to a click? They aren't that technical and the Strat guy certainly is no Derek Bailey. Whatever, I'm probably just a dick.

I don't expect that most of the crowd got as deep with their analysis, as it seemed 75% Texan ex-pat friends of the band who don't listen to (m)any other music from the genre. Safe money is on a disproportionately large per capita percentage of American Analog Set records being owned by the crowd. Crowd patriation aside, TWDY went over well, playing a handful of songs from their last couple releases and ending with the addition of a 100% extraneous violin player and a jam that featured at least one of the band members packing his gear for most of its duration. Worked for me, as it was over before 9 and my bike wasn't stolen at the end of the evening, allowing for me to ride uptown in a early Summer monsoon and see Austin Lucas with some degree of ease. Call that a win. This Will Destroy You may have some new release soon, but the sheer volume of photos of animals with dumb photoshopping and conspicuous iPaddery drove me from their web presence in short order. Venture yourself if you dare.

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