Saturday, August 8, 2009

Live: Tenement with Thee Make Out Party @ Lost & Found 8.7.9

There is quite a buzz revolving around the men of Tenement. Many people were bummed when they didn't make it to Insubordination Fest, but as luck would have it a serendipitious split 7"with sort of locals The Used Kids prompted a joint tour and a show at Lost & Found. Friday night and free are a good combo for this broke asshole, so off I went.

I rolled in for the last half of Thee Make Out Club set. I think that it's just about time that the royal Thee was relegated purely to Billy Childish projects. TMOC was pretty decent: poppy, but with some more aggro undertones. Their promo says 1915 Fruitgum meets The Dictators, but let's not run with it. I'd say a little harder MTX, but they seemed to be well liked. Check 'em out here and decide for yourself.

While I was killing time and indulging in casual lechery, I couldn't help but notice a little guy with a ballcap that had Siege sharpied on it, along with a thrash mullet and some sort of hardcore t-shirt. I had just read Mike Gitter's nostalgia-fest as/re: Siege on Double Cross, which really only reinforced the dual truisms that I am old and that kid was at best an infant during what passed for the Siege heydey. Of course, as Tenement started to set up, it quickly became obvious that said thrashling was the bass player. Once set up, the trio set it off with a new take on the Dinosaur Jr./Husker Du raggedly melodic sound. Good, good stuff. It would appear that their formal releases are confined purely to the vinyl idiom, but you can check out some digital approximations here. My pick is Earwig, but pick your own favorite and see Tenement if they make it through your town.



Rut-a-tat-tat said...

once again, good spotting on these kids, rob. i pick "earwig" too for top honors. looking forward to a full length from tenement.

gaohui said...

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