Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Hopewell

Hey Boy(s) and Girl(s):

The men of Upstate New York's Hopewell have some new delights coming your earhole's way.
Peep the skinny, courtesy of the good folk of Golden Egg:

Staying true to their 90's space rock roots, Hopewell releases the track "Stranger", the second single off their newest album, Good Good Desperation (2009 Tee Pee Records). A swirling, aggressive, hazy waltz in the tradition of Loop, Flying Saucer Attack, Ride and earlyMercury Rev, sound is treated more as sculpture, becoming a sonic canvas for whispered vocals, heavy phase and polyrhythms as layers of feedback and fuzz wash through the speakers.

The term space rock, originally describing bands in the late 60's like The Pink Floyd or albums like Bowie's Space Oddity, gave way to a 90's version that was decidedly more shoegaze oriented. Hopewell, being part of that original Detroit Space Rock revival on Burnt Hair Records are now getting louder and hazier than ever, combining the best of both the 60's and the 90's movements.

Hopewell will perform a version of the single "Stranger", along with several other tracks from Good Good Desperation at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Monticello, NY. Asked by The Flaming Lips to do something "out of the norm" for their set, Hopewell's performance will include a medley of song variations both old and new, topped off with a Jane's Addiction cover. Dubbing it "The Desperation Suite", the 45 minute piece will also include the addition of a female choir as well as the the avant-garde sax player Mark Marinoff.

Weds 8/26 - Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY (w/ Spindrift)
Weds 9/9 - Rocks Off Boat Cruise - New York, NY (w/ Dead Meadow)
Thurs 9/10 - Cameo Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
Sun 9/13 - ATP Festival @ Kutcher's Country Club - Monticello, NY
Fri 10/23 - Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY (Tee Pee Records CMJ showcase)

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