Sunday, April 26, 2009

NOFX - Coaster

In 2009, do you really need to be told about a NOFX record? They have been putting out the same record easily for the last decade, never bad, butmore importantly never worse. The songs come fast and furious: you get the average band songs (First Call, Creeping Out Sara, Eddie Bruce and Paul), the vice songs (First Call, I Am An Alcoholic), the anti-those who buy your records songs (Fuck The Kids Pts 1 & 2) and the anti-establishment stuff (Blasphemy, Suits And Ladders). 

They are tight as fuck, and Melvin really is one hell of a guitar player. Mike is funny, and sometimes even witty. They are more than willing to throw a ska break or a song about homosexuality into the mix to make the average fan feel worldly and or affirmed and even will hide some vulnerability in songs about dying friends and/or family. It's all pretty good, but is there anyone that isn't a tween that is just getting into NOFX? I guess statistically it could happen, but Mike and Co. are definitely preaching to the choir on Coaster. If you liked NOFX before, you'll like this, if not, don't count on this being an epiphany for you.  It's out today, courtesy of the good folk of Fat Wreck. Here's a link, if you're into such things. Keep track of NOFX here.


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kats said...

Oh man...SmutVillain is so excited about this! He has this NOFX-sampled beat that he keeps trying to get me to rap on too...