Monday, April 6, 2009

Bob Mould - The Life And Times

Bob Mould is one of those guys that rarely puts out a bad record. It's a long way from our Bob alternately grinding his teeth and screaming his face off in Husker Du. He's come out of the closet to the general public, made odd, yet not out and out bad, forays into more electronic fare and become half of the Gay DJ touring revue that is Blowback.

Last year's District Line was the first for Anti-. They grabbed Mould at a great time. The record was a rager, definitely one of the best releases of last year. Life And Times continues in that vein, adding electronic elements to the the soaring guitar hooks and gruff vocals we've come to expect from Mould. It's pretty great all around, combining the best of his more pastoral Workbook stuff with Sugar-y tinges and new-school electronica. You'll want this. Lucky for you, it comes out tomorrow. Pick up Life And Times here tomorrow from your friends at Anti.

Keep track of your favorite indie-rock bear at his webcave here.


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