Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Live: Bowery Boy Blue @ Les Poisson Rouge 11.11.8

Bowery Boy Blue are playing the big rooms now. Les Poisson Rouge is the old Village Gate and is down in the frightening strip that is Bleecker Street. Hey, at least it's not Kenny's Castaway. Regardless of location, LPR is a good sounding big room. There were tables out this night, but when bands like Soulive and whatnot play, they open up the room accordingly. This show happened to be with Luke Rathbone's In Search Of The Miraculous.

The first BBB record, Stalk That Myth, is out now on Space Photo Records. It's a great record that reflects the quieter side of the Bowery Boy Blue oeuvre. It's a wonderful recording, but live the band transforms into a snarling beast that starts off subtle, then grabs you by the collar and shakes you a bit. Trust me, you'll like it. Singer/guitarist Zeb Gould has a keening voice that evokes Stars In Bars-era Neil Young. He's played with lap steel/Danelectro wizard Sam Crawford in a bunch of projects over the last couple of years, including Three On The Tree and they have formed a comfortable stage alliance vocally and musically. Paired with the rhythm section of Christian Rutledge and Michael Trepanier, they make a lot of bands just seem unremarkable by comparison. There is talk of a Spring tour, but in the meantime check out the links below and see them around town.

You can keep up on current events in the BBB world here and socially interface with them here. You should also probably buy Stalk That Myth here for all your friends. It makes the perfect holiday gift for anyone currently in possession of a pair of ears.


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