Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dead To Me - Little Brother

So a couple days ago, the good folk of Dead To Me dropped a new EP called Little Brother and cancelled their appearance at The Fest. Lots of people felt strongly about both eventualities, but I can't say I was one of them.  Don't get me wrong, Dead To Me are an ok band, but nothing that really caught fire with me. Plus, it's important to point out that they cancelled The Fest appearance because Jack and his wife are expecting a baby, so all the best to the new family.

Dead To Me was founded by Jack Dalrymple and Brandon Pollock after the demise of One Man Army. They recruited Chicken from Fat Wreck softball team/mascot band Western Addiction who brought his cousin on drums and eventually guitarist Nathan Grice when Pollack moved on. The four play East Bay/Fat Wreck approved punk rock with Jack and Brandon sharing vocals. They all appear to ride bikes, which may very well sway me a little more down the line, but save for that I have Rancid and Social Distortion records I don't have the time to listen to, so I think I'll leave Little Brother and their Fat Wreck spin on it to the younger set. Don't let this asshole stop you from checking them out, though. 

The boys were out with The Draft for a bit before the Hot Water Music shows, but I assume are up on blocks until Jack's new arrival settles in. You can get the Little Brother here. Check out the Fat Wreck page for more info and their social networking interface here for up to the minute info on what's coming next for Dead To Me.

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