Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Present interview in Skyscraper #28

Hey Kids: The new issue of Skyscraper is out. Issue 28, to be exact. It happens to feature my interview with Mr. David Gedge of The Wedding Present and reviews of the new Alkaline Trio, Daturah, Drag The River, Glass and Ashes, Chris Mills, Travis Morrison Hellfighters, The Tim Version and Hot Water Music releases. 

 The Weddoes have a new record called   El Rey that's out on Manifesto in the States and Vibrant in the UK.  David's living in LA now and it's got a vague 'California Record' vibe to it. Coming into the interview, I was even more neurotic than usual, but figured I'd do a mailer so I didn't freak David out too much. Everything was fine until he looked at the questions and wanted to talk instead, on about 24 hours notice before a real short deadline. Good times! I managed to co-opt a studio at work, roped Pat in to engineer and was on the phone to David's UK cell in short order.

As most of you probably realize, in most live interviews I do it's not really a big deal for me to find relevant questions to ask, especially when I really like who I'm chatting with. Most of the time the real internal battle is not to freak the interviewee(s) out with way too much info about themselves. Ask Anthony Roman about the first time he met me downstairs at Brownies. I'd like to think that in the time that's passed since I've spin doctored my behavior into the realms of the almost endearing, but suffice to say I know all too well that you never get a second chance to make a first (uncreepy) impression.

And who's on the phone but David Fucking Gedge From The Fucking Wedding Present, a band that was a huge influence on the mighty Musclecar, the rock band I was lucky enough to play in with the frighteningly talented Jack Marshall. David proved to be chatty and a hell of a nice guy. Listening back to the audio, it only took two or three days to get the wince off my face, which is better than most interviews. For a guy that yammers on like I do, I sure do hate to hear the sound of my voice. Oh, life and it's delicious ironies!

Most of the conversation is in the piece, but there was a pretty good moment while we were talking about his relationship with Albini. Albini's quite a shark on the pool table, to the point where he offered to do In Utero for free if the guys could beat him. I asked David if the rumor that he was the only person to have beaten Albini on the slate was true. When he said that he hadn't, I felt like kinda of a rube and replied 'another myth dispelled'. When his amused Northern burr came back over the line, "did you just say 'another myth dispelled?' You really need to come down to the show'" I've never felt more simultaneously embarassed and excited. It's the small things. Now if I can just keep from reminding him of that "moment" he's no doubt already forgotten, I'll be golden.



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