Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Wussy EP!!

Chuck, Lisa and the rest of Team Wussy are back with a new EP called Rigor Mortis. To no one 's surprise, it's on Shake It! Records. They are evidently dropping a new full-length soon, but this should tide you over til that arrives in the Fall. The EP features two tracks from last year's Left For Dead full-length, two new songs and a gang of live tracks from a recent radio session. John Curley (ex-Afghan Whigs) recorded the studio stuff at Ultrasuede and is currently manning the boards for the new record.

Not much has changed on Rigor Mortis, but why would they? The new songs are great, playing that middle ground between Richard and Linda Thompson and X. I would expect that they will pop up again on the new one, but why postpone joy? While you're waiting, check out the new EP and pick up the previous two releases from Shake It! (Left For Dead and Funeral Dress) while you're at it. There's a two-fer special on the SI! site. You could do a lot worse for $19.99.


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