Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bottomless Pit and Kadane Bros at Knit 7.11.8

Can I get a 'what the fuck'? Not that I'm not old and/or cranky but I hate, hate, hate the fact that you can never find out the actual time that a band is going to play in this day and age. Maybe it's just a NYC thing, but I regularly go to a venue hours before a show to find out a start time and arrive to find that the set time has changed two hours when it hasn't even been that long since I asked. That was an awesome way to miss most of the xlimp wristx show last year, I'll tell you. This night I got there at 8:45 to find that the Kadane Bros. were no longer headlining and that the twice confirmed 9pm start time for the Pit was now 11. Good times.

After a rare set from Kahoots, the Kadane Brothers ambled on to the stage. The Bros, of course, used to be half of Bedhead and currently helm Texas titans The New Year. Both bands ply their trade in hushed vocals and reverb-dappled clean guitar wash. Bubba also played fourth man in Silkworm prior to the bands demise, fleshing out the sound nicely with keys and strings. The Bros. played mostly as a duo with both brothers on electric, sometimes supplemented with Chris Brokaw (ex-Codeine, Come and a million other bands you should know). They went over well, and featured a seamless set that incorporated Bottomless Pit into their last number. More bands should work that angle, but then again most bands can barely play with themselves, much less another band.

Bottomless Pit features Tim and Andy from Silkworm, with a rhythm section comprised of Chris Manfrin from Seam and Brian Orchard. Not too fucking shabby, I'd say. Live and on record, it's all about clean low end with the Pit. Tim is playing baritone guitar and that combined with an actual bass player and down-tuned guitar will fill a room with some frequencies. Tim and Andy are both singing, although not together. Oddly enough though, their voices are getting more and more similar. Neither of them are going to give The Irish Tenors any sleepless nights, but it's no less beautiful. There are only maybe a dozen songs in the Bottomless Pit canon, which doesn't make for the longest set, but we still managed to cajole the boys back for an encore.

Between Tim's electrical engineering job at Shure and Andy's law career, we don't see a lot of road dates for The Bottomless Pit. Hopefully there will be more dates behind the new Congress EP. Look out for road dates. In the meantime, order it (or a gang of other Silkworm related material) from them via the website or get the digital downloads from Jon Solomon at Comedy Minus One. Links are below.

See you at the rock show!



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