Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bored Spies - Summer 720

Seeing Bitch Magnet with the mighty Moss Icon (who were pretty fucking amazing, by the way, both then and in retrospect) last year reminded me what a mark I have been for Soo Young Park over the years. In the wake of that show, I've favorably revisited most of my favorite SYP projects over the last few months (Seam, Korea Girl, Ee), but soon they were laid fallow again in the wake of six week Greg Dulli bender JS-NYC has been on of late.

As Soo Young lives in Singapore currently, it seemed like last Fall's run of shows was going to mark the end of any active music project for Park and the other members of Bitch Magnet, but earlier this week a tweet from Henry Owings alerted me/us to the presence of a new band with BM drummer Orestes and Park (as Panther Lau) with Seoul-based singer-guitarist Cherie Ko called Bored Spies. Not sure how the band rehearses and records given they live in three different countries, but regardless, Summer 720 is the first release from the trio and it's pretty damn good, featuring two very 90's indie rock dream pop chestnuts. The elastic Bitch Magnet rhythm section is melded to breathily assured yet unaffected vocals from Ko to make some serious ear candy. Evidently, a full-length looms ominously in our future. JS-NYC is excited.

Get the Summer 720 here for less than two beans US.


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Nammy said...

Cherie ko isn't seoul based... she's singaporean