Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Live: The Twilight Sad with Errors at Music Hall Of Williamsburg 11.5.12

I'm still waiting for The Unwinding Hours to make their way across the pond, but in the interim I can take consolation in the comfortable pair of waterproof Scottish shoes that is The Twilight Sad. The Glasweigian quintet are touring behind their recent remix version of their most recent record I've yet to track down. No One Can Ever Know: The Remixes is the ingeniously appropriate title.

The Twilight Sad always draw a decent, albeit rarely huge, crowd but I posted up in a pretty much empty room when I arrived at the end of the Errors set. After a week without amenities, it mattered little to me, as I was hell-bent on outside stimuli but it seemed a prospective bummer to the Scottish gents who came so far.

Where the people came from, I'm unsure, but regardless the room filled up pretty nicely by the time The Twilight Sad took the stage. No real departures from the set from earlier this year, save for order, but then again, no wacky remix approximations either, so I'll call that a win. James was in good spirits, even moreso when it became apparent that people were actually going to attend the proceedings and  MacFarlane was the usual force of sonic nature we have come to expect live. If you've not seen Twilight Sad love, you should rectify that situation with the quickness. There was also a tour only EP that I snatched up, so stay tuned for a review.

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