Monday, October 8, 2012

Live: Afghan Whigs with Mighty Fine at Music Hall Of WillIamsburg 10.7.12

above stolen from Brooklyn Vegan
I was none too pleased with the eventuality of Eagles Of Death Metal opening the first announced NYC Afghan Whigs reunion show, nor the Terminal 5 venue, but was quick on the draw geting tickets regardless. I was even quicker to divest myself of them when I got tickets for this show, even if it was in Brooklyn. I missed Rev. Vince Anderson, but caught most of the typically aces Mighty Fine set. Steve Myers has reprising his role from the last AW tour and been showing up to Morris Day up the joint with the Whigs but it was nice to catch a full set from his day band as well.

Mighty Fine definitely seemed have fans in the crowd, but the room was very much amped for the Whigs. They have the all-white Boogie backline going again and seem to be only getting better, romping through a gang of hits including the top-scoring JS-NYC favorite You, My Flower. This was at the end of four or five months of regular touring and I bet a lot of bands are hoping they are hanging it up after these dates. I certainly wouldn't want to be one of the openers, even the Whigs seem to be bringing out friends for most of these dates. Beyond the music, my personal experience was heightened by the real-time disintegration of the relationship of the couple next to me, an arc that began with AW taking the stage and featured pertinent AW lyrics screamed at each other. Good times, I'll tell you. Set list is below. 
I would expect this is not the last we are going to see from Ohio's finest, but just in case step lively and see Afghan Whigs on their final announced dates for this year, especially the ones with the mighty Wussy.


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